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Community Resources for Early Learning and Child Care Professionals

Halton Region supports early learning and child care professionals. Resources are available to assist in system planning and locating funding opportunities.

2022-2025 Early Learning and Child Care Plan

Thumbnail of the 2022-2025 Early Learning and Child Care Plan

The Early Learning and Child Care Plan (ELCCP) is a vision and action-plan for Halton Region’s early learning and child care sector. Halton Region leads the development and oversight of the ELCCP to ensure we are remaining responsive to the needs of families and service providers in our growing community.

The ELCCP reflects the shared views, needs and goals of children, families, early learning professionals and leaders in Halton. It is the result of several months of consultation through online surveys, virtual engagement sessions and meetings with community organizations on how we can continue to deliver high-quality early learning and child care programs and services.

Read the 2022-2025 Early Learning and Child Care Plan. (PDF file).

Our plan builds on a vision of ensuring all families in Halton have access to responsive, high-quality, affordable, flexible and inclusive early learning and child care programs and services. This vision will guide Halton’s early learning and child care sector over the next three years. In line with our vision, the 2022–2025 ELCCP has five Strategic Objectives:

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Halton Region produces or compiles the data provided for the purpose of providing community status information. Data and information released from Halton Region are provided on an “AS IS” basis without warranty of any kind, including without limitation, any warranty as to accuracy, suitability for a particular purpose or non-infringement of any intellectual property rights that may be held by others. Availability of these data and information does not constitute scientific publication. Data and/or information may contain errors or be incomplete. Halton Region is not responsible for the interpretation and usability or suitability of the data for any intended purpose. It shall be used by the recipient of such information without any reliance on Halton Region in any manner whatsoever.


Are you an Early Learning and Child Care operator or professional? Halton Region in partnership with community agencies offers supports for child care professionals, including programs, system planning resources and funding.

Our Kids Network (external link) is collective impact network that builds capacity of community organizations that support children, youth and their families.

The vision for Our Kids Network is that "all children and youth thrive!" Network partners work toward this vision by:

  • conducting and sharing research that guides the network in planning and action.
  • promoting and helping to sustain relationships among organizations.
  • developing resources to help partners achieve their outcomes.
  • providing knowledge translation that educates and informs partners in their work, leading to action and measurement of progress.

Community Data

Our Kids Network supports research to identify the key components of healthy growth and development for all children and youth. You can access high-quality, local data based on the Halton 7 (external link) population results, which represent ideal living conditions for children and youth in Halton. Users will find community and neighborhood-level information, demographics, Our Kids Network research data on health, safety, education, Census data and more.

Our Kids Network (OKN) Champions

OKN Champions work together with a common vision and mission to ensure that all children and youth thrive. Our Halton-wide partnership of agencies and organizations mobilizes knowledge and maximizes resources to support Halton professionals in their work towards the Halton 7 population results (external link).

  • Halton Region: Commissioner of Social and Community Services and Chief Medical Officer of Health
  • Halton Children’s Aid Society, Executive Director
  • Halton Catholic Board of Education, Director of Education
  • Halton Public Board of Education, Director of Education
  • Halton Multicultural Council, Executive Director
  • ROCK, Reach Out Centre for Kids, CEO
  • ErinoakKids, Centre for Treatment and Development, President and CEO

Child Care Market Reports - Assists child care operators in their business planning by providing information on child care supply and demand across Halton Region.


Halton Hills




Our Kids Data Portal- Information on demographics to assist with community resources for child care planning