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Road Safety

Find information about dangerous driving (aggressive, distracted, impaired), road conditions, road safety and Halton Region enforcement projects.

Road Safety Action Plan

Halton Region's Comprehensive Road Safety Action Plan (CROSAP) (PDF file) guides regional road safety management.

CROSAP uses 3 approaches to improve safety:

  1. engineering
  2. education
  3. enforcement

Drive SAFE Public Service Announcements

The Drive SAFE (Safety Awareness For Everyone) campaign aims to:

  • make speeding and aggressive driving less acceptable
  • remind drivers to be aware

Driving Tips

  • Stop distracted driving. Keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel
  • Leave two seconds between yourself and the vehicle in front of you
  • Signal lane changes
  • If you can't see the mirrors of a truck, they can't see you
  • Be courteous and share the road
  • Watch for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Stay calm and get out of the way/avoid aggressive drivers
  • Park first, then parent

Road Safety Resources