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Trafalgar Road Widening - Halton Hills


Halton Region is making improvements to Trafalgar Road (Reg. Rd. 3), between Steeles Avenue (Reg. Rd. 8) and 10 Side Road, in the Town of Halton Hills.

The project will help keep traffic moving along this corridor, provide high-quality water servicing to the area and support future growth in the community of Georgetown. Improvements include:

Road widening from 2 to 4 lanes
New watermains
New multi-use pathway
New paved shoulders
New traffic signals and street lights

Project Details

  • Status: Construction
  • Start: August 2021
  • End: December 2024
  • Project #: PR-2961B

Trafalgar Road (Halton Hills) typical section

Read about the “Trafalgar Road Corridor Study – Steeles Avenue to Highway 7” Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Study

Project map

Please select a line on the map for a description of work happening along this section of the project.

Project Renderings

rendering of Trafalgar Road Widening project in Halton Hills

View of Trafalgar Road midblock

Improvements include:

  • Road widening from 2 to 4 lanes
  • New multi-use pathway
  • New paved shoulders
  • New street lights
rendering of Trafalgar Road Widening project at Hornby Intersection in Halton Hills

View of Trafalgar Road at Hornby intersection

Improvements include:

  • Road widening from 2 to 4 lanes
  • New multi-use pathway
  • New traffic signals
  • New turn lanes


  • 2016

    Environmental Assessment completed

  • 2020

    Detailed design completed

  • June 2021

    Contract awarded

  • August 2021

    Utility relocations

  • August 2021

    Construction start

  • December 2024

    Anticipated completion

What you can expect day-to-day

Trafalgar Road is an important north-south corridor that residents and motorists rely on to get to work, school and services every day. Halton Region is making every effort to minimize potential disruptions and help you plan ahead for construction activity.

Learn more about what to expect day-to-day, our mitigation plans and how to stay connected on the project.

I’m a resident or business in the area

Advanced notice of any service disruption or construction impacts will be provided to residents through letter, email and website updates.

Below are some impacts you may experience:

  • Traffic delays: There may be traffic delays associated with lane shifts or lane restrictions.
  • Truck traffic: You will notice an increases in truck traffic. Please be aware and use extra caution while driving.
  • Driveway access: Direct access to your driveway may be restricted for short periods of time. We will provide advance notice of any planned restrictions.
  • Noise: You may experience noise as a result of construction work. Work will be scheduled in accordance with local noise by-laws.
  • Vibration: You may experience some vibration due to the work being done. As a precaution, we recommend that you remove or secure objects on shelves and walls.
  • Dust and mud: There may be increased levels of dust and mud near the work site. The contractor is required to keep dust and mud contained.

I use this road regularly

Advance notice of any closures or restrictions will be available through email, social media, road signs and website updates.

The following mitigation strategies have been put in place to minimize the impact on traffic and travel:

  • Reducing speed limits: To ensure safety, the speed limit will be reduced to 60 km/h between Steeles Avenue and 10 Side Road.
  • Using electronic road signs: Portable Variable Message Signs will be used as needed on site to keep motorists informed of current traffic impacts, and to provide advanced notice of any traffic delays (closures, lane restrictions).

Latest traffic updates and notices

Traffic updates

  • Nearby construction: There are several projects happening nearby this area that may impact traffic during construction. More information on these projects can be found on the interactive map on the Construction Projects page.

Stay connected and up-to-date on the project

Halton Region has a dedicated Construction Ambassador for this project who will be available to meet with residents and businesses to address any questions or concerns.

You can also stay connected by:

Stay informed on Regional improvements happening in your community