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Harm Reduction Services

Exchange Works is a program of Halton Region's Harm Reduction Services. Learn about the purpose of the program, the services provided and how to access Harm Reduction Services in Halton Region.

About the Exchange Works program

Harm Reduction consists of practical strategies aimed at reducing the harms associated with drug and substance use, a movement for social justice, human rights and respect for people who use drugs and substances.

Harm reduction is about equity, justice and providing people with resources specific to individual need without judgement, intimidation or discrimination. Our program supports users without requiring them to stop use.

Exchange Works is a program of Halton Region's Harm Reduction Services. We maintain close working relationships with community partners, and our clients, so we stay on top of trends and issues going on in the community. As part of this program, outreach workers operate a mobile outreach service in Halton Region that involves:

  • Exchanging used injection/smoking supplies for new injection/smoking supplies
  • Providing health information to clients
  • Distributing safer sex supplies
  • Referring clients to community agencies that have the tools to help access other supports

Purpose of the program

This program helps to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS and other blood-borne illnesses, such as Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C, among intravenous drug and steroid injection users by providing clean supplies for injection/smoking.

Services offered

We provide:

  • Safer injection supplies
  • Safer steroid supplies
  • Safer inhalation supplies
  • Safer sex supplies
  • Nasal naloxone training and kits
  • Education
  • Written information and referrals for substance use, healthcare and shelters
  • Referrals to STI and HIV testing services, along with Hep A + B vaccines
  • Presentations (by request)

Available supplies

Please note supplies are subject to change

  • Tips
    • 16G x 1 ½ “
    • 18G x 1 ½ “
    • 21G x 1”
    • 21G x 1 ½ “
    • 22G x 1”
    • 22G x 1 ½ “
    • 23G x 1”
    • 23G x 1½”
    • 25G x 5/8”
    • 25G x 1”
    • 25G x 1 ½ “
    • 27G x ½ “
    • 30G x ½ “
    • 30G x 1”
  • Syringes
    • 1mL syringe
    • 3mL syringe
  • Tip & Syringe Combos
  • 30G x 5/16” 1cc (shorts)
  • 28G x ½ “ 1cc (longs)
  • 21G x 1” 3cc
  • 21G x 1 ½ “ 3cc
  • 22G x 1“ 3cc
  • 23G x 1” 3cc
  • 25G x 5/8” 3cc
  • 25G x 1” 3cc
  • 25G x 1 ½ “ 3cc
  • Miscellaneous
    • Steri-cup cookers
    • Aluminum foil
    • Alcohol swabs
    • Sterile water
    • Filters
    • Vitamin C / ascorbic acid
    • Tourniquets
    • 1L sharps container
    • 2L sharps container
    • 4L sharps container
    • Please note supplies are subject to change

      • Bowl pipe (meth) kits
        • Bowl pipes
        • Bowl pipe mouth pieces
        • Alcohol swabs
        • Lip balm
      • Straight stem (crack) kits
        • Straight stems
        • Straight stem mouth pieces
        • Alcohol swabs
        • Wooden push sticks
        • Brass mesh screens
        • Lip balm

      Please note supplies are subject to change

      • Sanitizer
      • Mesalt
      • Gauze
      • Medical tape
      • Band-aids
      • BZK Wipes

      Please note supplies are subject to change

      • Assorted condoms
      • Dental dams
      • Water based lube
      • Silicone based lube

      Accessing the program

      You can access Exchange Works by:

      Texting or calling mobile outreach services (on a confidential cell phone)

      • Mobile Outreach Services
        905-330-3305 (if using a Halton Hills landline phone, dial 905-702-4200 to avoid long-distance charges)
        Monday-Thursday 2 p.m. to 6 p.m

      Walk-in to the following Exchange Works fixed sites:

      Other community agencies can also provide free harm reduction supplies to their clients. See the Find Supplies Map (external link) from Ontario Harm Reduction Distribution Program for more harm reduction supplies and disposal bin locations in your area.

      Disposal of used needles, stems & syringes

      To reduce the risk of injury, it’s important to properly dispose of drug use equipment. Always place sharps in a biohazard bin or puncture proof container such as a bleach container or pop bottle.

      DO NOT:

      • Flush needles and equipment down the toilet
      • Throw needles and equipment into sewers or garbage cans
      • Leave needles and equipment in a park, playground, or other public area

      Sharps containers are provided through Mobile Outreach Services, fixed sites in Burlington and Oakville or see the Find Supplies Map (external link) from Ontario Harm Reduction Distribution Program for disposal bin locations in your area.

      You can dispose sharps at any of these locations or call the mobile outreach van to pick them up. Additionally, they can be disposed at the Halton Waste Management Site or your local pharmacy.

      Find a needle? Click here for instructions regarding next steps


      Contact us

      To connect with the harm reduction program call 311 or email