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Halton Region's Water-Efficient Toilet Rebate Program

​Application for, Terms & Conditions, rebate rate and eligibility rules for Halton's Toilet Rebate. 

Halton Region sponsors a program that provides those in single-family homes with a rebate for switching to an approved water-efficient toilet. Making the switch will help you:

  • reduce your water use in your home.
  • reduce your impact on the environment.

To allow as many residents to participate in the program as possible:

  • there is a limit of 1 toilet rebate per residence (not 1 per year).
  • rebates will be issued on a first-come first-served basis.
  • For multi-residential rental buildings please contact Water Efficiency Program or call 905-825-6000.

All eligible toilets are WaterSense (external link)® Certified. Look for the WaterSense (external link)® logo on the box.

Terms and Conditions

All those seeking a rebate from Halton Region for acquiring/installing a water-efficient toilet are required to read and accept terms and conditions to be eligible for the rebate program, which include:

  1. One Toilet Rebate per single-family residence total (not one per year), defined as detached or semi-detached home, an individual townhouse or condominium, or a multiplex unit up to a six-plex.
  2. Only toilets purchased after January 1, 2007, and are WaterSense (external link)® Certified are eligible for rebate. Six-litre toilets purchased after December 31, 2010 are no longer eligible.
  3. Original receipt and/or invoice showing toilet model and paid for in full must accompany the application. Photocopies will not be accepted.
  4. If the toilet is purchased through a plumber/contractor, details of the toilet manufacturer, name and model numbers must be provided to determine eligibility. Details can be provided in the form of a "cut-out" or sticker of the toilet box label.
  5. Toilet MUST be installed prior to submission of application, with installation date indicated on application.
  6. Application form must be completed correctly and in full.
  7. The property where the approved toilet model is installed must be located within the Regional Municipality of Halton.
  8. The Regional Municipality of Halton reserves the right to inspect installation and flush volume of each new toilet prior to verifying application.
  9. Rebate shall not exceed the purchase price before applicable taxes, of the eligible toilet.
  10. The Regional Municipality of Halton reserves the right to require participating individuals to assume the costs of the installation process or any plumbing alterations necessary for successful installation.
  11. The Regional Municipality of Halton reserves the right to require proper disposal of any obsolete toilet models, at the cost of the participating individual, and in accordance with Waste Management By-Law 30-96 and bulk waste collection service of each local municipality.
  12. The Regional Municipality of Halton reserves the right to indemnify the municipality for any warrantees, damages, costs, and third party claims resulting from participation in this program, as well as the reserved right to avoid liability for damages, costs, and claims resulting from negligent behaviour of a Halton representative.
  13. The Regional Municipality of Halton reserves the right to alter, cancel or discontinue the program at any time. Please check this web page for current status of the program.
  14. The Regional Municipality of Halton reserves the right to reverse the rebate if information provided on the application form is either incorrect or untrue, or if the terms and conditions of the program have at any time been breached.

Rebate Rates

$75.00 rebate for a WaterSense (external link)® Certified Toilet model

Contact Information

For additional information, call Halton's Water Efficiency Program at:

How to Apply

Download the application form, find out what you need to submit with your application, and where to send it.

  1. Download an Rebate Application Form (PDF file)
  2. Before completing your application, please read all of the Terms & Conditions.
  3. Purchase and install a WaterSense® Certified toilet.
  4. Complete your Rebate Application Form (PDF file) package in full and include:
    • Original receipt and/or invoice. The receipt/invoice MUST show toilet has been paid for in full. Photocopies will not be accepted.
    • For online purchases, please print receipt showing paid in full and note on application toilet was purchased online.
    • A "cut-out" or sticker of the toilet box label, which identifies make and model. This is not mandatory, but assists in processing the application.
    • Incomplete applications will be returned.
  5. Please mail your completed Rebate Application Form to:
    • Halton Toilet Rebate Program
      c/o Halton Region
      1151 Bronte Road
      Oakville, ON L6M 3L1
  6. A Rebate Cheque will be mailed within 8 to 10 weeks from the time we receive your Rebate Application Form. Incomplete applications will be mailed back. If you have already received a Rebate Cheque for the same address or are submitting multiple Rebate Application Forms for the same address, it will be declined or mailed back.