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2019-2022 Key Achievements: Strategic Business Plan, Response to COVID-19 and Vaccine Program


At the start of the current term of Halton Regional Council, Council developed the 2019-2022 Strategic Business Plan to guide the Region’s work over the four-year term. The Plan included five strategic themes, each with their own specific objectives and outcomes that reflect current economic, demographic and social conditions.

This page includes a summary of the 2019-2022 Plan, our achievements under each strategic theme and our response to COVID-19.

2019-2022 Key Achievements

Strategic Business Plan

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Consistent with Halton Region’s continued commitment to accountability and ensuring transparency to the residents of Halton, progress on the Halton Region 2019-2022 Strategic Business Plan priorities and actions have been reported to Regional Council and the public on an annual basis through the Budget and Business Plan approval process.

Read an overview of the 2019-2022 Strategic Business Plan key achievements by priority area (PDF file).

Response to COVID-19 and Vaccine Program

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Halton Region also had significant responsibilities in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic emergency. This included case and contact management, outbreak management, responding to the needs of vulnerable residents and delivering the vaccination program in Halton. This was completed while maintaining essential programs and services and delivering on key 2019-2022 Strategic Business Plan priorities.

Read an overview of our COVID-19 Response and Recovery and COVID-19 Vaccine Program accomplishments (PDF file).


About the 2019-2022 Strategic Business Plan

The Halton Region 2019-2022 Strategic Business Plan established Council’s strategic priorities for its four-year term of office.

The Strategic Business Plan:

  • provides a framework for decisions for the Region’s Budget and Business Plan and for how the Region delivers its programs and services.
  • focuses on the Region’s core businesses in order to ensure the long-term sustainability of Halton’s programs and services.
  • includes five strategic themes each with specific objectives and outcomes.

2019-2022 Strategic Business Plan Themes

From managing growth to building new infrastructure and enhancing community well-being to planning a sustainable future, the Strategic Business Plan is Halton’s roadmap for delivering on the priorities that matter to you. It includes five strategic themes:

Planning and Growth Management icon

Planning and Growth Management focuses on ensuring that the necessary infrastructure and services are in place to maintain the high quality of life as the Region continues to grow.

Transportation and Infrastructure icon

Transportation and Infrastructure focuses on investing and delivering on capital improvements that provide efficient and safe transportation options and maintain infrastructure in a state-of-good repair.

Community Well Being icon

Community Well Being focuses on collaborating with partners to deliver the programs, services and supports that the community needs to be safe and healthy.

Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change icon

Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change focuses on protecting and enhancing the natural environment and reducing our collective carbon footprint to mitigate the impacts of climate change.

Effective Government icon

Effective Government focuses on transforming service delivery through innovation, technology and process improvements.

To learn more, download the Strategic Business Plan 2019 - 2022 (PDF file).


Development of the 2023-2026 Strategic Business Plan

Planning for the 2023-2026 Strategic Business Plan process has begun and the development of the plan will commence with the new term of Region Council. More information will be provided as the planning process progresses.