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Halton Region’s Strategic Business Plan sets the strategic direction and priorities for Council’s four-year term of office and our region's future. The plan – developed in consultation with residents, businesses and community partners, as well as Indigenous People, Communities and First Nations – reflects the priorities, needs and values of the community.

With every new term, Halton Regional Council and staff develop a Strategic Business Plan that sets priorities and determines actions required to deliver on issues that matter to you. To support the development of the Plan, residents, businesses and community partners as well as Indigenous People, Communities and First Nations were engaged in a public consultation process. Public engagement activities included an online survey, virtual public meetings and a community partner meeting. Input received helped to inform the Plan and ensure it reflects what matters most to the community.

The 2023-2026 Strategic Business Plan identifies four key themes with proposed goals, actions and outcomes for the current term. The Plan will continue to support the delivery of Regional programs, services and infrastructure to residents in Burlington, Halton Hills, Milton and Oakville, as our community continues to grow, reaching 1.1 million residents by 2051.

The cover of the 2023-2026 Strategic Business Plan. You can click this image to download the PDF or access the file through other links in the page content.
Vision and Mission
  • Vision: A welcoming and inclusive community that is sustainable, economically strong, equitable and safe.
  • Mission: To enhance the quality of life in Halton for all – today and into the future.
Guiding Principles  
  • Partnerships: The 2023-2026 Strategic Business Plan (PDF file) reflects continued collaboration with Halton Region’s Local Municipalities (City of Burlington, Town of Halton Hills, Town of Milton, and Town of Oakville), community partners and agencies as well as the Provincial and Federal Governments to advance shared priorities, address community needs and contribute to the high quality of life in Halton.
  • Lenses: Halton Region’s commitment to each of the following important initiatives will inform the implementation of the priorities detailed in the Plan:
    • equity, diversity and inclusion;
    • advancing Truth and Reconciliation;
    • taking action to address climate change; and
    • protecting the environment.
  • Sustainable Development Goals: The 2023-2026 Strategic Business Plan (PDF file) outlines the Region’s support for the United Nations SDGs and demonstrates the alignment between the SDGs and the Region’s strategic initiatives.

Strategic themes for 2023-2026

The 2023-2026 Strategic Business Plan's goals, actions and measures are grouped into four themes: Community Well-being, Infrastructure and Growth, Climate Change and the Environment, and Excellence in Government.

Icon for Community Well-Being. Community Well-Being

  • Expand assisted housing, supportive housing and emergency shelter options in partnership with the Federal and Provincial Governments.
  • Prevent illness and improve the health of residents while reducing health inequities.
  • Improve Paramedic Services response times.
  • Advance community safety and well-being.
  • Align key human services with new Provincial policy directions.

Learn about the actions and measures for Community Well-Being by visiting page 10 in the 2023-2026 Strategtic Business Plan (PDF file).

Icon for Infrastructure and Growth. Infrastructure and Growth

  • Deliver Regional infrastructure required to support housing growth and economic development in the Halton municipalities.
  • Maintain the Region’s infrastructure in state of good repair.
  • Promote enhanced broadband services including 5G technology in both rural and urban areas as a key socio-economic driver.
  • Improve access to transit, cycling and other active transportation on Regional roads.

Learn about the actions and measures for Infrastructure and Growth by visiting page 16 in the 2023-2026 Strategic Business Plan (PDF file).

Icon for Climate Change and the Environment. Climate Change and the Environment

  • Take action to achieve a corporate target of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions prior to 2050.
  • Partner with the Local Municipalities and other Halton stakeholders to advance a collective community climate change response.
  • Maximize residential waste diversion in Halton.
  • Partner with Conservation Halton, the Local Municipalities and other stakeholders to protect the environment.

Learn about the actions and measures for Climate Change by visiting page 21 in the 2023-2026 Strategic Business Plan (PDF file).

Icon for Excellence in Government. Excellence in Government

  • Ensure continued financial sustainability through effective financial planning and risk management.
  • Enhance service delivery by increasing access to digital services and modernizing the Region’s technology platforms by 2026.
  • Partner in advancing Truth and Reconciliation through meaningful relationships with Indigenous People, Communities and First Nations.
  • Be an employer of choice committed to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

Learn about the actions and measures for Excellence in Government by visiting page 26 in the 2023-2026 Strategic Business Plan (PDF file).

Monitoring and reporting

Consistent with Halton Region’s continued commitment to public accountability and transparency, progress on the 2023-2026 Strategic Business Plan goals and actions will be reviewed and reported to Regional Council on an annual basis. In addition, the measures will be updated as needed to reflect developments in program strategies and plans to ensure progress is made toward achieving Council’s priorities.