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School Years Program


Healthier students are better learners. Halton Region’s School Years Program works with school boards and school communities to improve the health and well-being of children and youth.

Schools are a great place for children and youth to learn healthy habits that can benefit them for a lifetime.

On this page, find content that will link you to a range of resources and support offered by Halton Region to help all Halton schools create healthy learning environments:

  • Public Health Nurses in Schools
  • Using the Healthy Schools Approach
  • Playground Leaders in Schools (PALS)

Online Services

Questions and Answers

How do public health nurses support schools?

All schools have access to school health information, resources and consultation (e.g. Health Schools Halton Newsletter, School Health ENews, newsletter inserts; telephone and email support); most of these resources are available at this website.

Intensive Public Health Nurse support is provided to school clusters (i.e., a high school and their feeder schools) that were selected in collaboration with the school boards.

What is the Healthy Schools Approach?

A Healthy School Approach involves the whole school community coming together to share ideas, plan, and take action to help kids lead healthy and active lives.

School administration, teachers, parents, students and community agencies all work together to create an environment that will have a positive impact on a child’s health and learning.

What is Healthy Schools Halton?

Healthy Schools Halton is a new e-newsletter to share comprehensive Healthy School Approach stories to connect, support and inspire school staff, families and administrators to build healthier school communities.

What are the benefits of working with a Public Health Nurse in your school?

A Public Health Nurse working with a school can:

  • Help administrators develop a healthy setting for living, learning, and working.
  • Work with students, parents, and staff to improve the school environment.
  • Help fulfill ministry mandates to promote parent engagement and inclusivity in schools

Connect with a Public Health Nurse

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Building Healthy School Communities

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