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Healthy Schools Approach

A Healthy School Approach brings together the whole school community to help kids lead healthy and active lives. Learn about the benefits of the Healthy School Approach in Halton Region.

What is a Healthy School?

A healthy school is one where school administration, teachers, parents, students and community agencies work together to create an environment that will have a positive impact on a child’s health and learning.

"Healthy Learners are Better Learners" (Health Canada)

A Healthy School Approach involves the whole school community coming together to share ideas, plan, and take action to help kids lead healthy and active lives. (OPHEA, 2015)

What are the benefits of a healthy school?

A healthy school builds a healthy setting for the whole school community to live, learn, work and play. Benefits of a healthy school include:

(OPHEA 2015, and Joint Consortium for School Health, 2015)

How to implement a Healthy Schools Approach

1. Establish a Healthy School Team

  • Educate the school about the Healthy Schools approach
  • Gain commitment from the school community
  • Recruit members for the committee: administrators, teachers, parents, and students

2. Identify strengths, needs, and interests of your school community

  • Survey parents, students and teachers/staff
  • Establish a vision and prioritize issues

3. Develop, carry out, and monitor an action plan

  • Choose activities to address priority issues using the Foundations for a Healthy School
  • Formulate an action plan
  • Promote activities to school community
  • Implement activities from the action plan
  • Monitor activities, revise, and update as needed

4. Evaluate and celebrate achievements

  • Review and evaluate activities
  • Celebrate achievements
  • Plan for the next year

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