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Playground Activity Leaders in Schools (PALS)


Playground Activity Leaders in Schools (PALS) is a playground leadership program for elementary schools that encourages all students to participate in activities regardless of their gender, size, or ability.

PALS Program Overview

Playground Activity Leaders in Schools (PALS) is an elementary school, student leadership program. It provides opportunities to help foster a sense of belonging and inclusion among students, while engaging them in physical activity in the school yard. The program motto is “There’s always room for one more.”

Program objectives

  • provide opportunities for student leadership
  • increase students’ sense of belonging and inclusion
  • increase opportunities for physical activity to improve students’ physical literacy

PALS Approach

The PALS program follows a train-the-trainer model.

School staff are trained as PALS program facilitators. The role of PALS facilitators is to coordinate PALS student leader training and provide ongoing facilitation support.

Students from junior and intermediate grades who are interested in becoming PALS student leaders are trained to lead playground games with students in primary grades. PALS provides meaningful opportunities for student leaders to contribute to a positive school climate by promoting inclusivity, safety, and acceptance.

PALS Resources

The PALS program consists of several documents that were created and approved for use only within Ontario, Canada.




For additional information please e-mail or call 311.