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Ontario Disability Support Program

Are you an Ontario Works client living with a disability? You may be elgibile for provincial supports through the Ontario Disability Support Program.

What is the Ontario Disability Support Program?

ODSP is an income support program funded by the Province of Ontario designed to help people with disabilities manage their daily living expenses.

If you qualify for the program, you will receive monthly financial support, plus other benefits. ODSP provides monthly income for a variety of basic living costs, including rent, transportation for medical appointments, and food. 

You may be eligible for ODSP if you are over the age of 18, live in Ontario, demonstrate financial need, and have an approved disability.

What are the steps in applying for ODSP?

Halton Ontario Works clients should contact their case manager if they are interested in applying to ODSP. Your case manager can provide you with an application package and provide you with resources to help complete the application.

The ODSP application package includes:

  • A Consent to the Release of Medical and Related Information
  • A Self Report form
  • A Health Status Report and Activities of Daily Living form

You are responsible for completing the Consent to the Release of Medical and Related Information and the Self Report Form. An approved health care professional is responsible for completing the Health Status Report and Activities of Daily Living form. Once you have received an ODSP application package, you must submit the completed package within 90 days or apply for an extension.

Tips for a completing the application:

  • Discuss applying to ODSP with your healthcare professionals before requesting an ODSP application package.
  • The Self Report form can be long and detailed. Take time to respond to all of the questions and ask for help from someone who knows you and your conditions if needed.
  • Consider having Halton Community Legal Services review your completed application before you submit it. You can contact HCLS or ask your Ontario Works case manager for a referral.

Application overview for Halton Ontario Works clients

Halton Region has developed a video overview to assist Halton Ontario Works clients applying for the Ontario Disability Support Program.


For more information about the Ontario Disability Support Program, visit the Province of Ontario program webpage or contact your Ontario Works Case Manager.