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Comprehensive Housing Strategy


Halton Region developed an update to its Comprehensive Housing Strategy in 2014. Learn about its 10-year strategy, goals, targets and housing commitments.

Access to safe and stable housing is a basic human right that impacts all aspects of an individual’s life. Where you live and the supports available to you can influence your health, happiness, employment and sense of belonging in a community.

Halton Region is responsible for the funding, planning, delivery and administering of government assisted housing programs and services for Halton residents.

In 2014, Halton Region issued its Comprehensive Housing Strategy Update 2014-2024 (PDF file). This document identified three goals for the Region:

  • create a range and mix of new housing opportunities to meet the needs of our Halton community.
  • protect existing rental housing so that it continues to be available to our residents.
  • provide coordinated services to residents who need support to obtain or maintain their housing.

We report our progress against these goals and targets for affordable housing and housing mix each year through the Annual Comprehensive Housing Strategy (CHS) Report card .

At a Glance - Halton Region's Housing Report

  • 32.4% of new house sales and assisted units met Halton’s Affordability Target
  • 206 new housing opportunities created
  • $3.2 million for critical social housing repairs through Social Housing Improvement Program (SHIP)
  • 1,897 clients served through Housing Help - 224 received intensive customized supports