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Wheeled Cart Waste Collection Demonstration Project


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As part of the Solid Waste Management Strategy, Halton Region is conducting a Wheeled Cart Waste Collection Demonstration Project (referred to as the Demonstration Project) for the curbside collection of recyclable material and household garbage. The Demonstration Project will explore the benefits and challenges for wheeled cart collection (replacing traditional Blue Boxes/Bags and garbage bags/bins) and how it could operate in Halton Region.

Approximately 1,800 residential households (eight areas of Halton) have been selected to participate in the Demonstration Project. Between June and September 2023, participating households were:

  • given an opportunity to provide feedback on wheeled carts through a survey;
  • provided with project information and education (online and printed materials); and
  • invited to attend a Public Information Centre to learn more about the project.

Participants will begin using wheeled carts starting in October 2023 for about one year. The results of the Demonstration Project will help Regional Council determine if wheeled carts should be implemented further across the region, or if the current collection program shall remain unchanged (expected 2026).

What are wheeled carts?

Wheeled carts are made from durable plastic material and come in a variety of sizes to accommodate household waste volumes and storage. They have secure lids and easy-to-use handles for moving to and from the curb. Each household will receive two carts: one blue cart for recyclable material, and one black cart for garbage material.

Potential benefits of a wheeled cart waste collection program include:

  • improved neighbourhood cleanliness by reducing windy-day litter;
  • reduced litter caused by rodents and pest activity;
  • less storage space by allowing you to consolidate multiple bins into one;
  • increased efficiency and safety for collection operators; and
  • added convenience for residents using carts with wheels, secure lids, options for different cart sizes, etc.
A Black Cart, a Green Cart, and a yard waste bag at the end of a driveway for curbside collection. The Black Cart is positioned 0.5 metres away from the other two items to allow for automated collection.

Important dates

In September 2023, each household in the Demonstration Areas will receive two carts: one blue cart for recyclable material, and one black cart for garbage material. The collection of wheeled carts will start the week of October 9, 2023 and will continue until at least the end of September 2024.


  • June 2023

    Halton Region offered an initial online survey to participants to provide feedback on the wheeled cart waste collection program.

  • Early September 2023

    Before the wheeled carts are delivered, you will receive an information kit that will include your waste collection schedule; details about upcoming Public Information Centres taking place in September; instructions on how to place your wheeled carts curbside for collection; and complimentary recycle and compost bags.

  • Late September 2023

    You will receive black wheeled cart for the placement and collection of household garbage and a blue wheeled cart for the placement and collection of recyclable material.

  • October 2023

    Wheeled cart collection starts the week of October 9, 2023. The regular collection day will remain the same for participants. Recyclable material will be collected every other week (instead of weekly) on your regular collection day. This will happen on the week following your garbage collection. For example: one week will be garbage collection, the following week will be recycling collection, etc.

    During the Demonstration Project, Green Carts, bulk waste, yard waste, and metal items and appliances will continue to be collected in the same manner as they are now and on your regular collection day.

Using your carts

Garbage and recycling will be collected every other week on alternate weeks. Wheeled carts must be placed out at the curb by 7 a.m. on your scheduled collection day.

Please check your collection schedule here.

Tips for cart usage:

  • Handles must be facing towards your house
  • Place at the end of your driveway. Do not block sidewalk.
  • Green Carts, bulk waste and yard waste must be set out 0.5 metres away from Blue and Black carts to allow for automated cart collection.
  • Please ensure there are no obstructions above the wheeled carts (e.g. tree branches, basketball nets, etc.).
  • Please bag and tie garbage material before placing inside the garbage cart.
  • Do not overfill your wheeled carts. Extra recycling material can be placed in clear bags and placed beside the wheeled cart. Extra garbage material can also be bagged but must have a garbage bag tag.
  • Household hazardous waste and electronics are not accepted in bins. These materials must be brought to the Halton Waste Management Site.
  • Please check the Put Waste In Its Place database to ensure you are placing proper materials in the wheeled carts.
  • Winter tips:
    • clear a flat spot for the wheeled carts at the end of your driveway
    • do not place the wheeled carts out on road, leave room for road snow cleaning equipment
    • do not place the wheeled carts on top of or behind snow banks

Storing your carts

Storing and maintaining your garbage and recycling wheeled carts properly can help keep your property organized, reduce damage to the carts, and ensure the wheeled carts remain safe and clean.

Tips for storing:

  • Write your house address on the side of the wheeled carts.
  • Put the wheeled carts in a secure location and ensure you can access them easily.
  • Keep the wheeled carts clean.
A Blue Cart, a Black Cart, and a Green Cart stored in the walkway on the side of a house. They are positioned against a white brick wall.

Households are responsible for the storage, care and use of the carts

Store the wheeled carts where you normally store your waste, in convenient and secure places such as:

Wheeled Cart Waste Collection Carts in a one-car garageWheeled Cart Waste Collection Carts in a two-car garage

In your garage

Wheeled Cart Waste Collection Carts at the side of a house

At the side of your house

Wheeled Cart Waste Collection Carts against a fence

Against a fence

Wheeled Cart Waste Collection Carts near the end of a long driveway

Near the end of a long driveway

Waste collection reminders

Frequently asked questions

Approximately 1,800 single-family residential households were selected to participate in this Demonstration Project. These households were chosen based on household type, lot size, location, and year of construction.

In municipalities where a wheeled cart program has been implemented, residents have reported that the use of wheeled carts is a more convenient means to store and place waste curbside for collection. Wheeled carts eliminate the need to bend down and lift different boxes, bins and bags to the curb. A wider base with ergonomic handles will make it easier for residents to take their material to the curb on collection day. By participating, households will help inform the Region of the risks and benefits of a wheeled cart program in order to determine if a Region-wide wheeled cart program should be implemented.

Wheeled carts come in different sizes (PDF file) (ranging from 120 L - 360 L, which can hold 2-4 garbage bags or Blue Boxes), and the specific size of each wheeled cart will be pre-selected for the households in the Demonstration Project. This will help us gather data on the optimum size(s) for collection.

Participation in the Demonstration Project for selected households is mandatory to ensure the Region gathers enough information to make a recommendation to Council. The Region will work closely with households to identify and address any concerns they may have and provide tips and resources to support participation in the project. If you have any questions about the program, please email or call 311.

Selected households are best able to determine the most appropriate location on their property to store their wheeled carts. The wheeled carts will give residents the ability to consolidate a number of smaller bins and bags into two carts, taking up less floor space. One of the purposes of the Demonstration Project is to identify any challenges with the storage of the wheeled carts and find solutions.

Only selected neighbourhoods are part of this Demonstration Project. If you are planning to move, please leave your wheeled carts behind for the new homeowner or tenant.

Please email or call 311 to report a lost or damaged cart.

At a minimum, the Demonstration Project will continue through to the end of September 2024, but may also be extended beyond that date. If a decision is made to not continue the program, the Region will make arrangements to collect the wheeled carts from the participating households. Households will not be able to keep the wheeled carts.

You can use your old garbage bins and Blue Box for organization or garage storage. If you no longer have any use for your Blue Box, in your Kit you will find a “Take My Blue Box” sticker. Apply the sticker and place the empty Blue Box curbside with the sticker facing the curb by the date specified in the letter you received from Halton Region. If you have more than one Blue Box, please stack them prior to placing curbside.

Any additional recycling must be placed in clear plastic bags beside your Blue Cart. Blue Boxes will no longer be collected at the curb once your wheeled cart collection begins. Any additional garbage must be placed in garbage bags with $2 garbage tags affixed and placed beside your Black Cart. A maximum of three extra bags can be placed curbside on garbage weeks. If you need to purchase garbage tags, please visit or call 311.

We respectfully ask all households to utilize the wheeled carts provided between now and November 2023. We recognize that some households may require a different wheeled cart to best suit their needs. In early November 2023, you will be informed of when and how you can request a smaller Black Cart for household garbage and a smaller Blue Cart for recyclable material.

Contact us

If you have any questions or need more information about the Demonstration Project, please email, or call 311.

By participating in this Demonstration Project, you will be assisting Halton Region in developing a more sustainable and efficient waste management system in our community. We appreciate your participation and value your feedback and comments.