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Halton’s annual Budget and Business Plan outlines upcoming strategic investments in Regional programs, services and infrastructure.

On January 25, 2023, Halton Regional Council approved the 2023 Budget and Business Plan.

The Region works to deliver annual budgets that keep taxes at or below the rate of inflation while preserving Halton’s strong long-term financial position. The 2023 Budget is based on prudent, forward-looking financial planning principles, and includes investments in critical program enhancements and essential services to support residents and businesses. The 2023 Budget includes:

  • 3.0 per cent increase in property taxes for Regional programs and services (excluding Police services);
  • 4.0 per cent increase in property taxes for Police services resulting in a combined tax increase of 3.4 per cent after assessment growth; and
  • 4.1 per cent increase in the combined water and wastewater rate.

Property taxes

This table reflects the property tax impact of Regional services per $100,000 of a property’s Current Value Assessment (CVA).

  2022 Actual 2023 Budget Change
Regional services $173.28 $178.47 $5.19 (3.0%)
Police services* $103.77 $107.89 $4.12 (4.0%)
Total Regional taxes** $277.05 $286.37 $9.31 (3.4%)
  • Schedule may not add due to rounding
  • * Approved by Police Services Board
  • ** Based on projected 1.7 per cent assessment growth

Water and wastewater rates

This table shows the average cost increase for a household using 226 m3 of water per year.

  2022 Actual 2023 Budget Change*
Water and wastewater $1,023 $1,065 $42 (4.1%)
  • *Based on 0.0% consumption growth and 1.5% customer growth

Highlights of investments

The 2023 Budget increases Regional investment in priority areas previously identified by residents and Council. Some of the key investments include:

  • Public Health: $344,000 investment to support emerging needs in the community post-pandemic.
  • Paramedic Services: $1.3 million investment including additional full-time paramedics to address pressures related to increased call volumes.
  • Services for Seniors: $1.6 million investment for additional personal support workers to provide increased direct care hours to residents in the Region’s three Long-Term Care homes.
  • Housing Services: $2.4 million increased investment to support assisted housing, rent supplement, and homelessness prevention programs.
  • Children’s Services: continued implementation of the Canada-wide Early Learning and Childcare Plan - known as $10/day childcare.
  • Halton Region Community Investment Fund (HRCIF): $250,000 increased investment to meet new and emerging community needs with services provided by non-profit organizations in Halton. The HRCIF now totals $4.0 million.
  • State-of-Good-Repair Program: $7.9 million increased investment to support the water and wastewater state-of-good-repair capital program, and $1.0 million increased investment to support the transportation capital program.

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