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Performance Measures


Halton Region participates in performance measurement and reporting initiatives to collect data and information that help continuously improve the way we deliver programs, services and infrastructure to the community.

Why do we measure performance?

Halton Region is committed to achieving and highlighting performance excellence in public service to:

  •    Provide information to support Council and staff to make informed decisions
  •    Enhance and improve service delivery
  •    Foster a culture of service excellence
  •    Communicate the Region’s performance

Municipal Benchmarking Network Canada (MBNC)

Halton Region participates in the Municipal Benchmarking Network Canada (MBNC), a partnership between Canadian municipalities using data, ideas, solutions and strategies to continuously improve service delivery to our communities.

MBNC has 11 participating municipalities across 6 provinces reporting 177 measures across 36 service areas.








service areas


*MBNC was previously known as the Ontario Municipal Benchmarking Initiative (OMBI).

If you require these reports in an alternate format, please contact the issuing organization.

Bruzzese Minshull & Associates (BMA) Management Consulting Inc.

Bruzzese Minshull & Associates (BMA) Management Consulting Inc. conducts and prepares an annual municipal comparative study. The 2023 study represents 121 municipalities, including Halton, representing approximately 88% of the Ontario population.

The study includes statistics related to population growth, tax rates and assessment, development charges and other selected indicators.

By participating in the study, the Region can improve the ability to monitor trends in these areas. This allows for ongoing evaluation of the Region’s financial health and its position relative to surrounding municipalities.

If you require these reports in an alternate format, please contact the issuing organization.

Government of Ontario Audit and Accountability Fund

The Government of Ontario's Audit and Accountability Fund (external link) supports initiatives that focus on increasing digital services, modernization, streamlining and service integration. Halton Region participated in this Provincial program to complete the following reports.