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Annual Financial Report


Halton Region’s Annual Financial Report demonstrates how we invest in the future while keeping property taxes low and preserving our AAA credit rating.


The report provides a comprehensive summary of the Region’s key activities and financial performance. It includes audited financial statements from the past year and highlights Regional initiatives, accomplishments and performance statistics.

Highlights of strategic investments

  • Halton Region has budgeted a projected $4.2 billion in infrastructure investment over the next 10 years, including $1.6 billion for transportation and $2.1 billion for water and wastewater.
    • Halton’s 10-year capital plan for transportation consists of $1.3 billion for new development and $332.6 million to maintain current assets in a state of good repair.
    • Halton’s 10-year capital plan for water and wastewater consists of $1.1 billion for new development and $1 billion to maintain current assets in a state of good repair.
  • Halton Region will invest a projected $140 million over the next 10 years to enhance our housing program, with $102 million allocated for the acquisition of new housing units.
  • In 2018, Halton Region increased investment in Children’s Services by $9.4 million to improve quality, accessibility, affordability, flexibility and inclusivity in licensed child care programs (based on Provincial and Federal funding).
  • Halton has also increased investment in the Halton Region Community Investment Fund by $350,000 in 2018 (total contribution of $2.4 million) to strengthen non-profit programs that support the health and well-being of vulnerable residents.

To learn more about Halton Region’s 2017 Annual Financial Report (PDF file) or request a hard copy, please email or call 311.

Thumbnail image of the cover of Halton Region's 2016 Annual Financial Report