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Regional Ontario Street Property Master Plan

Learn about the assessment of the potential of the Region-owned property at Ontario Street and Childs Drive in Milton.

The Regional Ontario Street Property Master Plan assessed the potential of a Halton Region-owned property at Ontario Street and Childs Drive in Milton and examined the potential for future development opportunities.  This work resulted in a Master Plan document, which Regional Council endorsed on July 12, 2017.  The final concept is based on technical review and input from Regional staff, Town of Milton staff, key stakeholders and the public.  Regional Council has directed staff to prepare a comprehensive plan for implementing the Master Plan.


Regional Council's Strategic Action Plan 2015-2018 included an action to examine the use and opportunities for Halton Region-owned properties, including the Ontario Street property.

The Regional Ontario Street Property is located on the southeast corner of Ontario Street South and Childs Drive in the Town of Milton's Urban Growth Centre, and is adjacent to the Town's Central Business District.

The following facilities are currently located on the property:

  • Allendale Long-Term Care Home
  • Milton Seniors Activity Centre
  • Martin House Seniors Residence
  • Halton Women's Place
  • Halton Regional Police Service
  • Halton Region Emergency Medical Services
  • Community garden

"What We Heard" Community Workshops

Two Community Workshops were held to provide information on this study and explore possible uses for the property.

First Community Workshop

During the first Community Workshop (PDF file), the study was first presented and the attendees provided input on two potential concepts for the property.

  • Residents stated a need for affordable, rental housing and community uses.
  • Parkland/greenspace and gardens were desired for this site.
  • Traffic, road network impacts and supporting transit were all priorities for the workshop participants.

A summary report (PDF file) detailing the feedback received from the workshop helped to inform preparation of a preferred concept and the final recommendations for the Ontario Street Property.

Second Community Workshop

During the second Community Workshop (PDF file), the preferred concept for the site was presented and discussed.

  • Participants were generally supportive of the preferred concept.
  • Further discussion revolved around mixed uses, the parks system, pedestrian circulation and buildings.
  • Desire to have community uses on the property was communicated.

Feedback received during the workshop was summarized in a report (PDF file) that will be used to inform and complete final recommendations of the Ontario Street Property Land Use Study.

Reports to Council

The Regional Ontario Street Property Master Plan Final Report was presented to Regional Council on July 5, 2017.

  • Several foundations and principles were established to guide the development of the Master Plan, including strong urban design principles.
  • The final concept is presented through this Final Report, which is based on technical review and input from key stakeholders and the public.
  • The Master Plan Site Layout itself was “endorsed in principle” in order to provide certain density and intensification flexibility during the development of the future, required comprehensive development plan.
  • The concept provides for a mix of uses to be established in a more intense design than is currently on the property, while allowing for the flexibility of existing uses to remain.
  • The implementation of the Master Plan will occur over 20+ years and will need to be phased in a logical manner.