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Rural Agricultural Strategy

Halton Regional Council has enacted a Rural and Agricultural Strategy to support a thriving food / agriculture sector. Learn more about our support for farming.

Halton Region has developed a Rural and Agricultural Strategy. It identifies how Halton Region can positively influence the economic climate in Halton's rural and agricultural areas, so that these areas continue to thrive.

  • Halton Region may support those businesses currently operating in the rural and agricultural areas by focusing on farm viability.
  • Halton Region may attract new businesses that are compatible with rural and agricultural areas.
The Rural and Agricultural Strategy utilizes the same five key pillars identified in the Golden Horseshoe Food and Farming Action Plan. These pillars are:
  • Grow the Golden Horseshoe cluster (of which Halton is a part) so it becomes the leading food and farming cluster in the word, renowned for healthy and safe products
  • Link food, farming and health - educate current and future consumers about the importance of locally sourced food and farming products for enhancing their health and well-being
  • Foster innovation - encourage and support innovation to enhance the competitiveness and sustainability of Halton's food and farming sector
  • Enable the cluster - align policies and their application to enable food and farming businesses to be increasingly competitive and profitable
  • Cultivate new approaches - support pilots of new approaches to support food and farming in the region

(Adapted from Food and Farming: An Action Plan 2021 (PDF file), Golden Horseshoe Agriculture and Agri-Food Strategy, 2016)

This allows for alignment of common goals while responding to the unique strengths and challenges facing Halton Real and Agricultural Strategy was approved by Regional Council in October 2016, and is currently in the implementation phase. High impact activities are being implemented first in order to sustain a prosperous, rural agricultural community.

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