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Requirements for Coordinators of Special Events


If you are planning or participating in a special event in Halton Region, you must fill out an application form to get approval from the Health Department. Before completing the form, please review the Requirements for Coordinators of Special Events package, which includes information about the Health Department's minimum requirements.


Print out the Requirements for Coordinators of Special Events (PDF file). Please ensure that you have the Vendor Registration List, Site Plan and Animal Exhibit Information (if applicable).

To apply,

  • print the completed the application form (PDF file) and send it by:
    • mail to 1151 Bronte Road, Oakville, Ontario, L6M 3L1 or
    • fax to 905-825-8797

Coordinator's responsibilities

As the co-ordinator of a special event, you must ensure that the following activities are carried out:

  • Submit the following at least 8 weeks before the event:
    • Co-ordinator’s Application
    • Vendor Registration List and Site Plan
  • Ensure that vendors submit the following at least 4 weeks before the event:
    • Food Vendor’s Application
    • Proposed food menu
  • If applicable, ensure that operators of animal attractions submit an Animal Exhibit Application at least 4 weeks before the event.
  • If the water supply for the event is from a private source (i.e,, well or cistern), provide a water sample to prove that it is safe for use.

Washroom fixtures

Gender Attendance Toilets Urinals Hand Wash Stations
Males 1 - 600 1 2 2
601 - 1200 3 3 4
Females 1 - 600 3 - 2
601 - 1200 6 - 4

Additional fixtures


  • 1 toilet for each 300 additional persons
  • 1 hand wash station for each 600 additional persons
  • Urinals may be substituted up to 2/3 for toilets


  • 1 toilet for each 300 additional persons
  • 1 hand wash station for each 600 additional persons

Contact the local municipal building department to confirm the number of washroom fixtures needed.

Sanitation and maintenance of washrooms and hand wash stations (fixed or portable)

  • Ensure that washrooms are kept in a clean and sanitary manner at all times.
  • Portable washrooms shall be pumped out as often as necessary by a licensed sewage hauler.
  • Get an emergency contact number for the waste removal company.
  • Portable hand wash stations shall be supplied with potable water, liquid hand soap and paper towels at all times. Hand wash stations shall be located in a convenient location close to washrooms.
  • Washrooms shall be thoroughly cleaned at the end of each day.
  • Locate a hand wash station at each petting zoo exit.

Safe water supply

If the water supply for the event is from a private source (i.e,, well or cistern), the supply must be proven to be safe by providing a water sample. A Public Health Inspector must take all water samples. Call 905-825-6000 to set up an appointment for samples to be taken.

A number of organisms can be transmitted through water, including bacteria, viruses and parasites. These organisms could make people sick. You must ensure that the water is safe when used to prepare food, drinks, for hand washing and for cleaning food contact equipment.

Cistern supplied with municipally delivered water

  • One water sample is taken to determine whether supply is safe
  • A cistern that is used to collect rain water is not to be used as a water supply

Treated or untreated well

  • Three consecutive samples, taken 1-3 weeks apart, are needed to determine the stability of the water supply

For general information on water testing and water results, contact the Halton Region Health Department or visit the well water page.

Garbage and wastewater

You must ensure that:

  • Garbage and waste water are removed from the site as often as necessary to maintain the site in a clean and sanitary manner.
  • Vendors are aware of garbage and wastewater disposal locations throughout the event site.
  • Garbage and waste water are appropriately disposed of so as to not contaminate the environment.

Petting zoos, animal rides, animal exhibits and open farms

If the event includes an animal attraction (e.g., petting zoo), then it must have a hand wash station located at each exit of the attraction. If the co-ordinator supplies the hand stations, then please indicate the proposed location of hand wash stations on the site map.

Review the Special Events Guidelines for Operators of Petting Zoos, Animal Rides, Animal Exhibits, and Open Farms (PDF file) and submit Animal Exhibit Information.