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Starter Company Plus


The Halton Region Small Business Centre is local facilitator of Starter Company Plus, a program to support entrepreneurs. Learn more about program requirements.

Overview of Starter Company Plus

Starter Company Plus supports eligible (aspiring) entrepreneurs looking to build their small businesses. The program provides training, mentoring, and advice. It also helps small business owners apply for microgrants that will aid them financially.

The Halton Region Small Business Centre is program administrator in Halton Region. We focus on supporting local economic development needs in three "streams":

  1. The Newcomer stream is for permanent residents who have lived in Canada five years or less.
  2. The Expert-Oriented stream helps businesses focused on exporting a product or service to markets outside Ontario.
  3. The Main Street stream helps small businesses provide their product or service within their own community.

Program Sponsor:

Starter Company Plus is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Growth.

Eligibility criteria for Starter Company Plus

To apply for the Starter Company Plus program, you must:

  • be a permanent resident or Canadian citizen
  • be 18 years of age or older
  • not be attending school or planning to return to school while enrolled in the program
  • not be enrolled in any other government-funded employment program
  • own, or plan to own, a business in Halton Region

Application / Registration:

Before applying to the Starter Company Plus program, you must attend an information session.

To register, you may call 311 or use our online application form.

Applications will not be accepted if you fail to meet all program requirements. All submissions must be complete to be considered.

Starter Company Plus Pitch Competition for grant funds

You may apply for grants if you:

  • can provide match funding of 25% of your request
  • can provide a comprehensive business plan
  • can provide a 2 year forecast of financials
  • have completed mandatory training (including seminars, webinars, modules and workshops)
  • are selected to take part in the Pitch Competition

The Pitch Competition

The Halton Region Small Business Centre sponsors a Pitch Competition. We invite the most promising applicants to the Starter Company Plus program to mandatory participation. If your pitch is successful, you will be awarded a grant of $4500. If you are awarded a grant, you must spend the funds before the end date of your cohort. You must provide receipts showing how the grant funding was spent.

Winners of Grant Funding

A panel of judges chosen by the Halton Region Business Centre select grant award winners. Each business plan oral presentation is carefully evaluated and scored. Those with the highest scores - who are awarded grant funding - are notified by telephone or email. Notifications will be made within two weeks of evaluations. Should an award be declined or a winning applicant not be contacted within 5 days of our effort, we may select another recipient.

The decision of program judges is final and binding.

Agreement with Rules

All Starter Company Plus participants must:

  • meet all eligibility requirements;
  • agree to abide by all rules and regulations* of the program
  • *Rules and regulations are subject to change without notice.


If you require certification and/or license for your business, you must have these on program enrollment in Starter Company Plus.


Only those who participate in the program will receive group mentoring.

Limitation of Liability

By participating in the Program you agree to release and hold harmless The Regional Municipality of Halton and its employees, volunteers, officers and representatives, from any liability, injury, death, loss, litigation, claim or damage that may occur, directly or indirectly, whether caused by negligence or not from (i) participation in the Program (including the pitch competition) and (ii) one’s acceptance, possession, use or misuse of the grant or any portion thereof.

Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation

Participants in Starter Company Plus are added to a mailing list, but may unsubscribe at any time.


Starter Company Plus is subject to the laws of the Province of Ontario.

Meet our Grant Winners

Cody Price – Mobile Tire Inc

Mobile Tire Inc. provides at-home tire services across Halton Region and the Greater Toronto Area. These services include seasonal tire changes, tire sales, tire storage, tire repairs and wheel balancing.

Lisa Evans – Chickadee Family Café

Chickadee Family Café is Burlington’s first “play café” for Halton families. Parents can relax over a cup of coffee, while children have a space to play and have fun. It’s a family-friendly space for parents to connect and re-caffeinate in a cozy, comfortable and kid-friendly atmosphere.

Manpreet Kaur – Wise Tree Inspirations

Wise Tree Inspirations provides a range of services to meet significant corporate and organizational needs including:

  • Executive and Leadership Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Corporate Training
  •  Learning and Development
  • Workplace Wellness Programs

Services are conducted through one-on-one consultations and group sessions.

Megan Day – Rooted & Vibrant

Rooted & Vibrant is a premium Life Coaching and Meditation practice that supports struggling moms. The company helps new mothers develop strategies to better cope with the added identity of “mom,” while also supporting career aspirations and working to create balance and fulfillment in their lives.

Peter Fraser – Fraser’s Beverage Company

Fraser’s Beverage Company specializes in craft hard cider, created using premium, locally-sourced ingredients. Using apples grown by Wheelbarrow Orchards in Milton, the Halton company creates a low sugar, low calorie cider with a local heart.

Rita Zietsma – Rita Zietsma Photography

Rita Zietsma is a portrait and personal branding photographer who believes in the power of amazing portraits to build confidence, land jobs, attract clients and document your family’s legacy. She creates photography with a lasting impact that will transform the way you see yourself and reveal the best version of you to the world.

Tanya Moschella – Musically Connected

Website coming soon at

Musically Connected provides parent-and-child music classes and lessons that help to nurture the bond between parent and child through an engaging musical experience. Each class incorporates fun-filled songs, dancing, rhythmic development, vocal participation and hand-held instrument instruction.

Mentors for Starter Company Plus