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Practice Opportunities for Physicians


If you are a physician looking for a place to practice, consider locating to Halton Region. Learn about family practice opportunities for physicians in Halton Region.

About physician recruitment

If you are a physician looking for practice opportunities, then consider these fast facts about Halton Region:
  • South Halton Region offers safe urban living at its best.
  • North Halton Region offers a mix of small town life and country living.
  • Halton Region has a very high level of education with the highest percentage of post-secondary training among surrounding municipalities in southern Ontario.
  • Halton Region is made up of families: parents aged 25 - 65 years old and children under the age of 15.
  • Halton Region is becoming one of Canada’s fastest growing areas.

Need for medical specialists and family physician

Halton Region is a community with a unique blend of rural and urban settings in southern Ontario. It covers more than 238,000 acres of land, including a 49-km frontage onto Lake Ontario. The picturesque Niagara Escarpment cuts across this landscape, providing a natural backdrop to the Region's diversified communities.

Halton Region consists of four municipalities:

Halton Region offers a variety of practice opportunities, such as solo practices, partnerships, group practices and clinics. With four hospitals in Halton - Joseph Brant Hospital (external link) in Burlington, and Halton Healthcare Services (external link) in Oakville, Milton and Georgetown - family physicians have access to full hospital privileges, courtesies and a wide variety of patient care.

Physician opportunities

Halton Region is a fast-growing community with a team of more than 500 dedicated Family Physicians and more than 300 Medical Specialists. Learn more about current physician opportunities:

Family Medicine

Family Medicine

Halton Region has a variety of practice opportunities. Group practices and clinic settings are available, as well as solo and partnership practice opportunities. Family Physicians practise in a variety of provincial models including:

  • Family Health Groups (FHGs)
  • Family Health Organizations (FHOs)
  • Family Health Teams (FHTs)
  • Fee for Service (FFS)

We are currently seeking new Family Physicians to open practices in Halton Region.

To find opportunities in Halton:

Family Medicine Locums

Family Medicine Locums

  • Our Family Physicians are always interested in acquiring locum coverage. Locums are a great way to experience our communities. Locums range in length from a few weeks to a few months.
  • If you are interested in locum opportunities in Halton, please either:

Medical Specialists

Medical Specialists

Medical community



Halton Region has four local community hospitals to serve its residents:



Halton Region is a fast-growing community with a team of more than 500 dedicated Family Physicians and more than 300 Medical Specialists. When you open a practice in Halton Region, you will not only have the support of your fellow physicians, but will also have access to diagnostic testing, specialist consultations and available hospital beds.

To research our community of Family Physicians, visit the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario website (external link).

Community information

Halton Region is in the middle of just about everything. To the east is Toronto, Canada's business capital and a major mecca of entertainment and culture. To the west are Hamilton, the Niagara communities and access to the U.S. border. To the north are the urban and rural communities of Wellington County.

Contact information

Public Health Business Planning and Improvement, Health Department

Halton Region's Physician Recruitment Initiative is a collaborative effort between Halton Region and representatives from the local municipalities of Burlington, Halton Hills, Milton and Oakville, local physicians, and senior area hospital staff.