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Oral Health Information for Physicians


Oral health is an integral part of overall health and well-being, and plays a key role in growth and development. Dental issues may be a sign of other health problems your patients may be experiencing.

Research shows an association between unhealthy gums (periodontal disease) and common systemic conditions. The most concerning are the links to heart disease and stroke, diabetes and chronic lung conditions, such as of pneumonia. There is also a link between poor oral health and low birth weight babies and pre-term delivery.

How Halton Region Health Department Supports Physicians

Working with local health professionals, the Oral Health program assists with direct inquiries from physicians' about a patient's dental care needs and options, provides up to date resources concerning oral health information and practices. The Halton Region Health Department promotes good oral health practices to improve the health of all residents through:

  • health promotion and education; and
  • elementary school dental screening and tele-screening.

The Halton Region Health Department:

Supporting Patients in Financial Need

The Halton Region Health Department provides support and assistance to those residents in need of dental care through assessment and referral to one of the dental financial assistance programs.

Halton Region may be able to help if your patients:

  • express concern regarding their teeth (or their child’s teeth)
  • identify that they are from a low income household
  • cannot afford the cost of dental treatment


For more information about Halton Region’s Oral Health programs and services including all financial assistance programs: