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Healthy Eating


Healthy eating is an important part of healthy living. It can help prevent chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and some cancers.

Canada's Food Guide

Canada's Food Guide (external link) provides information on what you should eat and also how you should to eat. The Guide encourages everyone to:

  • Eat plant-based protein foods more often such as lentils, tofu, nut or seed butter.
  • Choose highly processed foods less often such as sugary drinks, ice cream, French fries, deli meats.
  • Include plenty of vegetables and fruit and whole grain foods such as quinoa, whole grain pasta, oatmeal.
  • Make water your drink of choice (external link). Ask for water with your food when eating out, carry a reusable water bottle when you’re out, drink water after physical activity or playing sports.

The Food Guide also reminds the following:

  • Be mindful of our eating habits. Take time to eat and notice when you are hungry and when you are full.
  • Cook more often, enjoy our food and eat meals with others.
  • Use food labels. Using food labels can help you compare and choose products so you can make an informed choice.
  • Be aware of food marketing that can influence our food choices.