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Physical Activity


Physical activity is an important way to prevent disease and stay healthy. Learn more here about the benefits of physical activity and the resources available to you.

Being active contributes to long and healthy lives

  • Physical activity is an important way to prevent disease and stay healthy. It can reduce the risk of:
    • Circulatory system disease
    • Certain types of cancer (including colon and rectum cancer)
    • Type II diabetes
  • Cancer and circulatory system diseases are the leading causes of death in both Halton and Ontario
  • A lack of physical activity can impact life expectancy. A 2012 study found that in Ontario's population, physical inactivity resulted in a:
    • 2 year decrease in life expectancy
    • 3.4 years decrease in health-adjusted life expectancy (the number of years of good health lost)

Did you know…?

  • Canadian adults are spending an average of 10 hours/day being sedentary (not including sleep)
  • Being sedentary is unhealthy.
  • Sedentary means any time spent sitting or lying down (e.g., driving or screen time).
  • Being sedentary for long periods of time increases the risk of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, some cancers, and death.

How much activity is recommended?

Many Halton residents are not getting enough physical activity.

  • In 2013/14, a survey of Halton residents aged 12 and over found that 39% were inactive, 25% were moderately active, and 36% were active during their leisure time.
  • Even if adults meet the minimum physical activity recommendation of 150 minutes per week, but are sitting an average of 10 hours/day, they are considered to be sedentary.

What Can I Do?

Early Years

Children and Youth

Adults and Older Adults