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Basement Flooding Mitigation Program


To increase the resilience of the community’s wastewater collection system, Halton Region is making investments to help reduce stormwater infiltration and reduce the risk of future basement flooding. Through the multi-year Basement Flooding Mitigation Program, the Region is making improvements to wastewater mains, laterals and maintenance holes in the City of Burlington, Town of Halton Hills, Town of Milton, and Town of Oakville.

The Region assigns streets to Parts A, B and C of the Basement Flooding Mitigation Program, prioritizing based on infrastructure conditions and the overall risk of basement flooding. Part A is being constructed in 2023, with Parts B and C construction tentatively commencing in 2024 and 2025 respectively.

Project Details

  • Location: Burlington, Oakville, Halton Hills, and Milton
  • Benefits: Sewer back-up prevention
  • Project #: PR-3042
diagram of wastewater service lines to house and who is responsible for repairs.

Halton Region is responsible for the section of wastewater service line that runs from the wastewater main at the street, up to and including the property line.

The property owner/homeowner is responsible for the section of wastewater service line that runs from the property line into the home. Homeowners are also responsible for all indoor plumbing.

Project map

View the map below to find out where work will be taking place during Part A of the Basement Flooding Mitigation program.



The improvements will be made in three phases.

Part A: 2023 Construction


  • 2021-2022

    Detailed design period

  • 2023

    Anticipated construction period

  • 2024

    Anticipated warranty period

Part B: 2024 Construction


  • 2022-2023

    Detailed design period

  • 2024

    Anticipated construction period

  • 2025

    Anticipated warranty period

Part C: 2025 Construction


  • 2024-2025

    Detailed design period

  • 2025-2026

    Anticipated construction period

  • 2026-2028

    Anticipated warranty period

What you can expect day-to-day

Halton Region is making every effort to minimize the disruptions and help you plan ahead for construction activity. Learn more about what to expect day-to-day, our mitigation plans and how to stay connected on the project.

Advance notice of any service disruption or construction impacts will be provided to residents in-person, through letter, email and website updates.

Below are some impacts you may experience:

  • Truck traffic: You will notice occasional increases in truck traffic. Please use extra caution while driving.
  • Driveway access: Direct access to your driveway may be restricted for short periods of time. We will provide advance notice of any planned restrictions.
  • Wastewater services: There may be some disruption to wastewater services at various times throughout the course of the project. You will receive written notice of any scheduled shutdowns or disruptions, a minimum of 48 hours before the disruption occurs.
  • Waste collection: Your waste collection schedule may need to be adjusted to accommodate construction.
  • Noise: Work will be scheduled in accordance with local noise by-laws. Some work outside of regular hours may be necessary for technically challenging construction operations.
  • Vibration: You may experience some vibration due to the work being done. As a precaution, we recommend that you remove or secure objects on shelves and walls.
  • Dust and mud: The contractor is required to keep dust and mud contained.
  • Lawn irrigation system: If you have a lawn irrigation system within the public road allowance, please locate, disconnect and remove any sprinkler heads prior to the construction work commencing. Halton Region will not be responsible for damaging irrigation systems that are located within the public road allowance.
  • Mail delivery: We do not anticipate any changes or delays to mail delivery. We will provide advance notice if there are any changes.

Latest traffic updates and notices

Traffic updates

  • Some areas of road, sidewalk, or boulevard may be excavated to facilitate repairs of wastewater mains, laterals, and maintenance holes. This may result in lane shifts or restrictions to both commuters and pedestrians.
  • Local access will be maintained, and appropriate signage installed.

Latest notices

Part A

Part B

Stay connected and up-to-date on the project

Halton Region has a dedicated Construction Ambassador for this project who will be available to meet with residents and businesses to address any questions or concerns.

You can also stay connected by:

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