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In the event of heavy rainfall, downspouts that are connected to the Region's sanitary sewer system (in the ground) can increase the risk of basement flooding.

About Downspouts

Downspouts are the pipes connected to your eavestroughs that collect water from your roof and direct it to the ground or to a drain below ground. Disconnecting downspouts can significantly reduce the amount of rainwater that gets into the sewer system, which will reduce the risk of sewer backup and basement flooding.

Connected downspout

A downspout that is attached to your house and enters into the ground.

Disconnected downspout

A downspout that is attached to your house and discharges to the lawn or other permeable surfaces at a suitable distance away from the outside wall.

Diagram animating the differences between a direct connection of the downspout and weeping tile to the sanitary serwer system increasing potential for basementflood and one discharging rainwater to the lawn or other surface. Weeping tile is disconnected in this example and a sump pump forces water away.

Find out what subsidies are available to you

Financial Support

Halton will cover 100% of the eligible costs to disconnect your downspouts from the sanitary sewer system, up to a maximum of $500.