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Enhanced Basement Flooding Prevention Subsidy Program


Flooding can happen when you least expect it. Halton Region has invested millions of dollars in optimizing the wastewater sewer system throughout the region. These improvements help ensure that the Region’s wastewater sewer system is more resilient to impacts of climate change, including more frequent and severe localized wet weather.

Our Enhanced Basement Flooding Prevention Subsidy Program makes it easier and more affordable for residents to undertake home improvements that can help reduce the risk flooding. Find out what subsidies are available:

Note: In order to qualify for the weeping tile disconnection & sump pump installation subsidy, you must use a contractor included on Halton’s list of Approved Contractors. For downspout disconnection, backwater valve installation, or sewer lateral lining or repair subsidies, you may use a contractor of your own choosing. To find contractors who may provide services required for these additional subsidies, try searching online under wording such as downspout, backwater valve or sewer repair contractors.


What is the Enhanced Basement Flooding Prevention Subsidy Program?

This program offers financial support for residents who make the necessary improvements on the private side to prevent storm water from entering the wastewater system and to reduce the risk of flooding from sewer backup.

Animation illustrating proper basement flooding prevention.
Animation illustrating improper basement flooding prevention.

Flood Prevention Tips

  • Ensure your yard slopes away from your house, not towards it.
  • Ensure that eavestroughs (gutters) and downspouts are clear and drain properly.
  • Keep floor drains inside your home clear.
  • Ensure window wells are free of debris.
  • Install weather protection sealant around basement windows and the base of ground-level doors.
  • Assemble an emergency kit - flooding can happen when you least expect it.