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Weeping Tile Disconnection and
Sump Pump Installation Subsidy


In the event of heavy rainfall, weeping tiles that are directly connected to the sanitary sewer system can overload the system and may increase the risk of sewer back up and basement flooding.

About Weeping Tile Disconnection and Sump Pump System Installation

Underground pipes installed around the foundation of your home, called weeping tiles, collect groundwater in order to drain it away from the foundation of your home. In older homes, weeping tiles may drain into the sanitary sewer system. Halton encourages homeowners to disconnect their weeping tiles from the sanitary sewer system and re-connect them to a sump pump system. This improvement will significantly reduce the amount of storm water entering into the wastewater system resulting in a reduced risk of basement flooding due to sewer backup.

Diagram animating the differences between a direct connection of the downspout and weeping tile to the sanitary serwer system increasing potential for basementflood and one discharging rainwater to the lawn or other surface. Weeping tile is disconnected in this example and a sump pump forces water away.

Weeping Tile Disconnection Authorized Contractors List

Homeowners will only be eligible for the 100% Weeping Tile Disconnection subsidy if the work has been competed by one of the following authorized contractors:


The work completed by a contractor is based upon an agreement between the homeowner and contractor. The Region is not responsible for any damages, losses or misconduct performed by your chosen contractor. For more details, please reference the Regional Municipality of Halton Basement Flooding Prevention Subsidy Program waiver form. It is recommended that homeowners obtain multiple quotes and request and follow up with the contractor’s references. Please note the Better Business Bureau is also available for homeowners to obtain reliability reports on contractors.

For more information about how you can get on the Weeping Tile Disconnection Authorized Contractors list, please contact or call 311.

Apply to the program

  1. Download both the Enhanced Basement Flooding Prevention Subsidy Program application (PDF file) and the Enhanced Basement Flooding Prevention Subsidy Program waiver (PDF file) forms, or pick them up at the Halton Regional Centre.
  2. Follow additional steps pertinent to each different subsidy program (listed below).
  3. Submit a completed application and include the required documentation as outlined in the application form.
    • Scan and email to
    • Drop off in person at the Halton Regional Centre, 1151 Bronte Road, Oakville.
    • Submit by mail to:
      The Regional Municipality of Halton
      Public Works, Wastewater Services
      c/o Systems & Outreach Administrator
      Woodlands Operation Centre
      1179 Bronte Road, Oakville ON, L6M 4G3

Financial Support

Halton will cover 100% of the costs to disconnect weeping tiles and install a sump pump system, up to a maximum of $5,000. To be eligible, the work must include disconnecting the weeping tiles from the sanitary sewer system, and residents must use a contractor from our list of authorized contractors.