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Excavation, Road Occupancy and Municipal Consent Permits

Find information about excavation permits, road occupancy permits, municipal consent permits, the application process and fees.

Contractors and builders need a permit to excavate or occupy a Regional Road. If you work on or within 50 meters of a Regional Road, you need a permit.

Application Process

  • Prepare documentation
    • Checklist
      • Cover letter with your contact information
      • Regional project/development number (if applicable)
      • Description of proposed work
      • Traffic control plan
      • Drawings: clear and legible, detailing construction and site plan
      • Certificate of liability insurance:
        • minimum $5 million
        • naming the Region of Halton as “Additionally Insured”
  • Submit PDF copies of documentation
  • Approval process
    • Please allow at least 30 working days for review

Municipal Consent Permit

  • provided to Local Utilities at no charge, and will be emailed directly to the applicant

Excavation or Occupancy Permit

  • The Service Permits Group issues approved permits. They will contact you to schedule a day and time to make payment and create your Permit at the Permits counter.
  • Make payment
    • If there is no damage to Regional Roads or property, you will be refunded the security deposit upon final inspection
    • Cash, credit card, debit card or cheque payable to "The Regional Municipality of Halton"


Public Works Counter
The Regional Municipality of Halton