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Infrastructure Master Plans


Master Plans are typically conducted in accordance with the master planning process following the requirements of Phases 1 and 2 of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment process (October 2000, as amended 2009, 2011 and 2015) which is and approved process under the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act.

Master Plans

Sustainable Halton Water & Wastewater Master Plan

Halton Region has completed the Sustainable Water and Wastewater Master Plan. This Master Plan recommends a preferred long term servicing strategy for all municipal water and wastewater systems within the urban boundary of Halton, integrating existing and future servicing needs to the year 2031.


Transportation Master Plan to 2031 - The Road to Change

Halton Region completed the Transportation Master Plan (TMP) -The Road to Change in order to develop a sustainable, integrated transportation plan and associated strategies that considered all modes of travel (automobiles, transit, cycling, walking) to the year 2031.


Active Transportation Master Plan

Halton Region has completed an Active Transportation Master Plan Study to the year 2031 to develop the required strategy, infrastructure, initiatives and programs to promote non-motorized travel throughout the Region, as recommended in the Region’s Transportation Master Plan (2031) – The Road to Change.