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Infrastructure Maps, Photographs and Drawings


Learn how to order aerial photographs, operating maps, custom maps and engineering drawings of Regional infrastructure.


Halton provides maps, photographs and drawings of Regional infrastructure for a small fee.

Documents available

  • digital orthophotos (formats: digital TIFF or SID)
  • aerial photographs (each tile covers approximately 1 km by 1 km)
  • operating maps (water and wastewater)
  • customized maps
  • as-built engineering drawings

Infrastructure layers available

  • water features, including water mains, services, water valves and hydrants
  • sanitary sewer features , including sanitary sewer mains, forcemains, laterals, manholes and facility locations
  • storm water infrastructure
  • roads
  • Regional easements

Please note that some requests may require a data licensing agreement. To learn more or to place an order, please email or call 905-825-6000 ext. 6032.

Maps related to the Regional Official Plan are available through Regional Official Plan Viewer. For topographic maps, please visit Land Information Ontario (external link).

To place an order