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Public Health Nurses in Schools


Public health nurses work to enhance health in entire school communities. Learn about how public health nurses support schools in Halton Region.

Role of public health nurses

The Halton Region Health Department works with schools and school boards to promote the health and developmental potential of children and youth. Public health nurses work with schools to enhance the physical, mental, social and spiritual health of the entire school community by:

  • building relationships
  • collaborative planning
  • engaging students, staff and parents
  • developing community partnerships

The role of the public health nurse is to support the well-being of the school community by using a healthy school approach (external link) and supporting the Healthy Schools Certification (external link).

Public health nurses work collaboratively on policies, programs and environments that promote mental health, healthy eating behaviours, access to nutritious food, and prevent substance use/misuse. Public health nurses also provide information and resources on other health topics.

School Years Health Program supports

All Halton Region schools have access to the following: