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High Water Bills and Leaks

A higher than normal water bill could be caused by outdoor or indoor water use, or an undetected leak. Learn about how to detect and fix leaks.

An average household in Halton Region uses about 38 cubic metres (38,000 litres) of water every two months.

A higher than normal water bill could be caused by:

  • Outdoor water use, such as filling a pool, watering the lawn or malfunctioning water sprinkler
  • Indoor water use, such as a continuously running or leaking toilet, a house guest, new appliance, malfunctioning water filtration or softener system

Besides seasonal water use, the most common cause of high consumption is an undetected leak.

Residents can read the water meter and monitor consumption throughout the billing period. Over time, seals on fixtures such as faucets and toilets deteriorate, resulting in wasteful water loss. Catching a problem early can help save you money.

For tips on improving water efficiency, visit Indoor Water Efficiency.

Fixing leaks

Follow the tips on how to fix leaks:

Extended absences

To arrange account payments while you are away, contact your local hydro provider.

You can shut off the water to the property (except where water is used for heating purposes) by closing the shut-off valve at the water meter. If there is no central shut-off valve, close individual valves for toilets, sinks, tubs and washing machines to prevent damages associated with a water leak.