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Infant and Child Developmental Services (Birth to 5 years)


Infant and Child Developmental Services helps families and caregivers with children who may have a delay in growth and learning.

Available services

Services are available for children up to five (5) years of age or until they attend child care or school, who live in Halton Region and:

  • have a genetic syndrome that might change how they grow and learn;
  • were born early or had difficulties when they were born;
  • have family history that could affect how they grow;
  • have delays in their growth and learning or;
  • parents/caregivers have questions or worries about how their child is growing and learning.

Through our free in-home and virtual services, Developmental Consultants and/or Occupational Therapists can help in different areas such as:

  • Moving: Check how muscles work and teach exercises for rolling, crawling, and walking;
  • Communicating: Help with making sounds, imitating actions, looking in the eye and talking;
  • Playing: Support social interests, pretend play, turn taking, and sharing;
  • Feeding: Help with breastfeeding or bottle feeding, trying solid foods and drinking from a cup;
  • Sleeping: Support a bedtime routine; and
  • Routines and Transitions: Make everyday activities consistent and help children take part in them.

We will:

  • Screen and assess: Check how your child is growing and learning and see what help may be needed;
  • Coach and set goals: Work with your family to plan, set and reach goals;
  • Provide resources: Give you helpful materials and information through workshops and groups;
  • Coordinate Services: Bring together other professionals if your family needs extra support; and
  • Support transitions: Help children start child care or school.

How to reach us

Parents and caregivers

Call 311 and ask for Infant and Child Developmental Services.

Physicians and professionals

With parental consent, submit the Coordinated Referral Form or call 311.