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Parenting Programs and Supports

Halton Region offers a number of free parenting programs to help manage the transition to parenthood. Learn about the various programs offered through HaltonParents.

Through HaltonParents, Halton Region offers a variety of free parenting programs that:

  • Help you manage the transition to parenthood
  • Support the healthy growth and development of your child
  • Help build your confidence to parent your child in a positive way

HaltonParents provides information and resources on pregnancy and parenting, including access to Public Health Nurses (PHNs) and Dietitians. Connect with HaltonParents.
Being a parent can be exciting and challenging. You may have questions about feeding your child or want to learn more about your child’s development and behaviour. Ontario’s Healthy Babies Healthy Children (HBHC) program, offered by the Halton Region Health Department, provides parents to be and families with young children who are in need of extra support with home visits by public health nurses and trained family visitors.

HBHC provides parents with information and guidance on how to:
  • have a healthy pregnancy
  • feed their child
  • help their child learn and grow
  • keep their child safe
  • build a positive relationship with their child
  • take care of their health and well-being
  • connect with services and supports in their community
A free online program designed to help expecting parents prepare for labour and birth, breastfeeding and the transition to parenthood. Includes audio, video, printable pages, games and puzzles. Work through the 4 chapters at your own pace!
Do you want to learn how to improve your health and the health of your baby? Halton's Prenatal Nutrition Program (HPNP) is free and runs year round. Come out weekly and enjoy a healthy meal in a friendly environment, surrounded by other pregnant and new parents looking to learn and meet new friends.
The Halton Breastfeeding Connection is a volunteer program that provides free mother to-mother telephone support for expectant and breastfeeding mothers.

Attend the Nobody's Perfect Parenting Program if you are a parent of a child under 6 years of age and would you like to get support and information on:

  • Why kids act the way they do
  • Positive discipline
  • How to keep your kids safe and healthy
  • How to feel good about yourself and your kids

The Triple P parenting support program helps parents:

  • Create a stable, supportive, nurturing family environment
  • Teach their children the skills they need to get along with others
  • Deal positively, consistently and decisively with problem behaviour
  • Encourage positive behaviour
  • Develop realistic expectations of children and themselves
  • Take care of themselves as parents

Calling All Parents - Parent Support Group provides parents of children 0 – 18 years of age with support and information on:

  • Why kids act the way they do
  • How to set limits and expectations
  • How to keep your kids safe and healthy
  • How to feel good about yourself and your kids

Parenting with Love is a free-eight week parenting program for families working with the Children's Aid Society (external link). The program provides:

  • Free child minding
  • Free transportation
  • Light refreshments

Parenting with Love is appropriate for all families, including prenatal families and parents with limited or no access to their children. The program emphasizes the importance of parent self-care as the primary means to building a positive and responsive parent-child relationship. The parental self-care approach is used to teach calming techniques and problem solving using the acronyms STOP and LOVE.

S - Step back
T - Take a breath
O - Observe your needs
P - Proceed with LOVE

L - Listen
O - Observe
V - Validate
E - Enjoy

You will learn:

  • Parenting skills
  • Positive thinking
  • Calming techniques
  • Understanding child behaviour
  • Building positive relationships
  • A letter stating course attendance (if requested)

Speak to your worker or call 905-333-4441 for information about upcoming groups.

This interactive parent workshop covers topics such as:

  • How to prepare your child emotionally and physically for school
  • The importance of play
  • Packing healthy lunches
  • Checklist for starting school
Webinar information to be posted as events are ready.
Is your child born in 2014 or later? Do you have questions about your child’s growth and development? You can attend a free ASK program in Halton Region to meet with professionals that will answer your questions and connect you with resources in the community that might be able to help.