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Oral Health information for Physicians and Dental Providers

Oral health is an integral part of overall health. The Halton Region Health Department raises awareness of good oral health practices to improve the health of all residents.

The Region’s programs and services are delivered to the community through:

  • health promotion and education
  • elementary school dental screenings
  • consultations
  • clinics

Working with local health professionals, the Health Department provides residents with access to dental treatment through financial assistance programs.  Children, youth, adults and older adults who meet eligibility criteria may qualify for these programs.

Dental providers can refer to the Schedules of dental services and fees for qualification criteria.

For more information about Halton Region’s Oral Health programs and services including all financial assistance programs, dial 311 if your practice is in Halton. If your practice is outside of Halton Region, dial 905-825-6000 or toll free 1-866-442-5866.

How can Halton Region’s Oral Health program help my clinic?

The Halton Region Health Department provides support and assistance to those residents in need of dental care through assessment and referral to one of the dental financial assistance programs.

Halton Region may be able to help if your clients:

  • express concern regarding their teeth (or their child’s teeth);
  • identify that they are from a low income household; and
  • cannot afford the cost of dental treatment (even if they have insurance).

How do my clients register for a free oral health clinic appointment?

Halton residents seeking financial assistance for dental care must be assessed by a registered dental hygienist at one of the four clinic locations in Halton. Each of these clinics accepts appointments only (no walk-ins). Clinics are located in Burlington, Georgetown, Milton and Oakville.

The Region’s free oral health clinics are only open to:

  • children and youth aged 17 and under
  • Ontario Works recipients
  • adults with special needs aged 64 and under
  • adults 65 and over

To book an appointment, contact Halton Region by dialing 311.

Schedules of dental services and fees

Healthy Smiles Ontario (HSO): Children aged 17 and under

Effective January 1, 2016, any Ontario Works recipient with a child under age 17 will be automatically enrolled into the Healthy Smiles Ontario program. See the schedules below.

Ontario Works Adults (OWA): Halton residents aged 18-64

Dental Care Counts (DCC): Halton adults with special needs aged 64 and under and adults aged 65 and over