Take It Back! Halton

Do you have a bag of used batteries sitting in a drawer somewhere? Ever wondered what do with an old compact fluorescent light bulb? Or where expired medication should go?

Take It Back! Halton is a directory of local businesses, non-profit organizations and municipal facilities that take back materials to be reused, recycled or disposed.

Halton Region can only list retailers who register with Take It Back! Halton.

Take It Back! Halton partners are responsible for operating their own recycling programs. Some conditions may apply, please contact individual partners for details.

Take It Back! Halton will assist Halton Region in reaching a 60% diversion of residential waste away from the landfill. This extends the life of the landfill and is vital for Halton’s environmental and economic future. This initiative is part of the 2006-2010 Solid Waste Management Strategy to promote product stewardship initiatives.

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